Andrus, Blackwood & Co. - Discography 5 Albums (Rare) 1977-1984 MP3/Flac

Andrus, Blackwood & Co. - Discography 5 Albums (Rare) 1977-1984
Andrus And Blackwood
Membres:Sherman Andrus, Terry Blackwood
Variations: Andrus And Blackwood
Andrus Blackwood & Co., Andrus, Blackwood & Co, Andrus, Blackwood & Co., Andrus, Blackwood & Company, Andrus, Blackwood Co.

Andrus, Blackwood & Co.* ‎– Grand Opening
Label:Greentree Records ‎– R3467, Greentree Records ‎– R-3467
Format:Vinyl, LP
Pays:USA & Canada
Genre:Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Ballad

A1 I'm Gonna Rise
A2 Never Be 3:33
A3 All That I Want To Be 3:01
A4 Somethin' Right 2:36
A5 Oh What A Day
B1 You Are My Everything
B2 Questions 3:33
B3 Rescue Me 2:57
B4 Filled To Overflowing
B5 Steve 4:18

Andrus, Blackwood & Co.* ‎– Following You
Label:Greentree Records ‎– R-3515
Format:2 × Vinyl, LP
Genre:Rock, Pop

A1 Following You
A2 Starting All Over Again
A3 Story Of My Life
A4 Give It Up
A5 You Keep Me Happy
B1 There Aren't Words Enough
B2 Never Ending Love
B3 Falling Love
B4 Sweet, Sweet Friendship
C1 Jesus, You're So Wonderful
C2 For So Long
C3 You're Such A Comfort To Me
C4 It Happened
C5 You're So Good To Me
D1 He Must Have Lovin' Eyes
D2 The Rock
D3 All Of Me
D4 He's Here Right Now

Andrus And Blackwood ‎– Soldiers Of The Light
Label:Greentree Records ‎– R3738
Format:Vinyl, LP
Genre:Pop, Folk, World, & Country
A1 Soldiers Of The Light 4:06
A2 The Well Will Never Run Dry 4:58
A3 God Made Man 4:58
A4 Close To You 3:50
A5 I Still Do 3:15
B1 The Other Side 4:57
B2 Walk On Water 4:27
B3 Give It All 3:36
B4 The Captain & Me 3:53
B5 You Are 3:25

Andrus Blackwood & Co.* ‎– Step Out Of The Night
Label:Greentree Records ‎– R3942
Format:Vinyl, LP
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Soft Rock, Pop Rock
A1 No You May Not 5:15
A2 Step Out Of The Night 3:18
A3 Stone's Throw Away 3:50
A4 Live It From Day To Day 3:40
A5 Without Love 3:38
B1 Wake The Town, Tell The People 4:12
B2 Comin' Back 4:03
B3 Better Than I Know Myself 3:45
B4 More Like You 3:08
B5 Shine It (If You Can) 3:10

Andrus And Blackwood ‎– Holiday
Label:Nissi Records ‎– EMR 4608
Format:Vinyl, LP
Genre:Rock, Pop
A1 Builder Of Bridges 4:06
A2 Warriors 4:12
A3 The Love In His Eyes 3:46
A4 Witness 3:12
A5 Joy And Peace 3:22
A6 Amen Again 4:51
A7 The Prayer 3:27
A8 I Can Do All Things 3:58
A9 Nothing Separates Me (From His Love) 5:01

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