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Annie Haslam (born 8 June 1947) is an English progressive rock vocalist and songwriter.
She was born in Bolton, Lancashire. Originally a fashion student, she began studying under opera singer Sybil Knight in 1970 and developed her extraordinary five-octave vocal range. In 1971, she became the lead singer of Renaissance after answering an advert in a magazine and auditioning for the band in Surrey.
In 1977, she began her solo career with her album Annie in Wonderland, produced by Roy Wood who played most of the instruments, and who also duetted with her on one track, and also performed on the one-shot Intergalactic Touring Band album. Haslam and Wood were later married for a while. She has since released eight studio albums, three of which were released through her own record label, White Dove. She has also collaborated with Steve Howe on a number of projects.
In 1993 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she survived and which became the inspiration for her 1994 album Blessing in Disguise.
Her latest release, Live Studio Concert, has also been released as her first solo DVD. Annie Haslam released an EP called Night and Day, her first solo recording for some years, with Welsh rock band Magenta in 2006. The song was specially written for her by the band.
Annie Haslam currently resides in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

1. Circular motion
2. Parachute to you
3. Echo
4. You don??t know a good thing
5. Communication
6. Beyond the blue
7. One last time
8. Somewhere out there
9. So sad
10. Hunter trials
11. Lily??s in the field
12. Willow song
13. My eternal love
14. Decisions
15. Shadows
16. Reaching out

Gravadora: White Dove Records
Data de lan?┬žamento: 2006
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