The Driters - Love Games 1975 MP3/Flac

The Driters - Love Games 1975

Single's taken fom this record
Like Sister And Brother / The Songs We Used To Sing
UK) Bell / BELL 1313 releasing date : May 1973
I'm Free For The Rest Of Your Life / Say Goodbye To Angelina
UK) Bell / BELL 1339 releasing date : Jan. 1974
Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movie / I'm Feeling Sad
UK) Bell / BELL 1358 releasing date : June 1974
Down On The Beach Tonight / Say Goodbye To Angelina
UK) Bell / BELL 1381 releasing date : Oct. 1974
Love Games / The Cut Is Deep
UK) Bell / BELL 1396 releasing date : Dec. 1974
Produced by Roger Greenaway
This vinyl record: Bell Records #Bells 246 '75
01 Love Games
02 Like Sister and Brother
03 I'm ready ( to make a fool of myself again)
04 If you're gonna love me
05 The cut is deep
06 I can't get away from you
07 Kissin in the back row of the movies
08 I'm free for the rest of your life
09 I can't live without you
10 If it feels good, do it
11 A blessing i disguise
12 Down on the beach tonight

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