Stratosferic Band - Splash full album MP3/Flac

Stratosferic  Band - Splash full album

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this intergalactic Italian disco gem. It was one of those great dollar-bin discoveries...

A 1977 release on Italy's Voom Voom Music label, this is one of only a few records put out by the Stratosferic Band.

The little bit of internet info I could find tells me a few things:

1.) it's worth quite a bit on eBay Europe, mainly going to DJs and vinyl collectors
2.) it's pospacer with obscure, dance-heavy online radio shows and music blogs
3.) there's very little explanation of how it might have ended up alone and unloved in a used record store in Boulder, Colorado.

Regardless, this record is awesome. It's cosmically-themed, which is always a plus. The production is synth-heavy, with incredibly precise live instrumentation. And, with titles like "The First Galaxy," "Cosmic Show," and "Mexican Space," you can't be misled.

*** My only real complaint is that the record includes a cover of "Gloria" (Van Morrsion). First of all, I really can't stand the original. And, even worse, it does NOT translate well to disco.

If anyone has more information or releases by the Stratosferic Band, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Stratosferic Band - Cosmic Show [1977]
Stratosferic Band - The First Galaxy [1977]