Thai Funk ZudRangMa Vol.2 (Compiled by Maft Sai) (2009) MP3/Flac

Any followers of the Sublime Frequencies discs will know that some of the most mental and shockingly alien sounds on the series come from the South East Asian installments, and Thailand especially. Beyond the old clichs of mysterious lands to the East, there's
something genuinely freaky and utterly unique about the music from this country, whether it's the cadence of their singing or simply the joyful exuberance of their sound, we can't help
but feel intoxicated with all the brilliant strangeness.
'Thai Funk Zudrangma Vol.2' is a compilation of 22 Funk and Soul tracks by some 18 artists, taking the sounds they would hear from visiting bands, radio and imported records and cassettes
before giving it their own spin. Known as 'Luk Krung' in Thai, this style is considered to be more sophisticated than the rural associated 'Molam' or 'Luk Thung' styles, but still manages to adopt some of their traits to make a brilliant hybrid flavour.
Quite easily our favourite has to be Soontorn Sujaridchan's two part ode to getting messy on 'Kee Mao', translating as "Pissed", and 'Kee Mao Lae' - "Wasted", swinging to a killer discofunk groove with a truly nutty Moog refrain tucked in the middle. There masses to go on and we're sure you'll have your own fave soon enough. If you're lucky you might even be able to spot the cover versions!
Oh, and it comes packaged in a dapper cotton sleeve with a pull-out poster, limited to 1300, just to make you dribble even more.

ZudRangMa Records. 2009...

01.bualuang ost - singto (lion)
02.panadda chayapark - yoong (mosquito)
03.chai muangsing aka man city lion - pee kao pee oak (ghost in ghost out)
04.sangthong seesai - duang duang duang (luck luck luck)
05.sripai jaipra - yommaban talangkan (officer of hell's announcement)
06.shangthong seesai - kam kao (old karma)
07.the impossible - pom-pom-pom (hair-hair-hair)
08.soonthorn sujaridchan - sara-a-mor-sara-r (kee mao)
09.soonthorn sujaridchan - sara-a-mor-sara-r (kee mao lae)
10.soonthorn sujaridchan & krongthong tussanaphan - oudtalud bump
11.the generation - racing
12.the president - ruk chua nirundon (love forever)
13.don sornrabeab - mao (drunk)
14.chantana kittiyapan - ya-ya (no-no)
15.the oriental funk - loy kratong disco
16.the generation - kon muan khan (people are the same)
17.sroeng santi - leang mai toe (overkill)
18.buppa saichol - kon chob pluk (waker)
19.sroeng santi - ba bor por khan (crazy same same)
20.hongthong dae udon - keay ruk (never loved)
21.rayrai na koratch - kard klan nam mun (lack of gasoline)
22.royal sprites - noom rai por (kenaf farm man)

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