Various Artists - Fantastic Disco 9 [FLAC] MP3/Flac

Various Artists - Fantastic Disco 9 [FLAC] Various Artists - Fantastic Disco 9

Format: CD , Compilation
Style: Electronic
Genre: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG, Synth-pop,Disco
Notes :: EAC-FLAC | 470mb | LOG,CUE included

01.Bonny M - Night Flight To Venus
02.Bonny M - Rasputin
03.Fancy - Chinrse Eyes
04.Secret Service - When The Dancer You Have loved
05.F.R.David - This Time I Have To Win
06.Mike Mareen - Don`t Talk To The Snake
07.Silent Circle - Night
08.Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen
09.Bonny M - Living Like A Moviestar
10.Mike Mareen - Agent For Liberty
11.Erasure - Lav AllYour Love On Me
12.Ken Lazslo - Glasses Man
13.Silicon Dream - Andromeda
14.Spase - Running In The City
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