Olivia Newton-John : Let Me Be There (1974) MP3/Flac

Olivia Newton-John : Let Me Be There (1974)

Olivia Newton-John : Let Me Be There (1974)

1. Take Me Home, Country Roads
2. Amoureuse
3. Brotherly Love
4. Heartbreaker
5. Rosewater
6. You Ain't Got the Right
7. Feeling Best
8. Being On the Losing End
9. Let Me Be There
10. Music Makes My Day
11. Leaving
12. If We Try


Olivia's first two Australian albums owed more to pop and folk than they did to country. With this third album, Olivia moves firmly into seventies pop-country territory. Note that the original album releases in Britain and America did not follow the Australian track listings.
The album opens with Take me home country roads. This song had been a huge American pop hit for its writer, John Denver, but did not chart in Britain - I don't even know if it was released there as a single. Olivia's cover became a UK top 20 pop hit, deservedly so. Other covers here include Amoreuse (Kiki Dee), You ain't got the right (Dr Hook) and If we try (Don McLean).
Let me be there, the title track, was a huge American hit. Brotherly love is another fine upbeat song. Most of the other original songs are ballads including Rosewater, which Olivia wrote herself.
This is a lovely album, which might be regarded as essential for Olivia's fans if it weren't for the fact that all the tracks except Brotherly love appear on the British compilation 48 original tracks.