CD2: Waterloo (1974) MP3/Flac

CD2: Waterloo (1974)
CD2: Waterloo (1974)

01.Waterloo 02:46
02.Sitting in the Palmtree 03:40
03.King Kong Song 03:14
04.Hasta Manana 03:12
05.My Mama Said 03:14
06.Dance (While the Music Still Goes on) 03:14
07.Honey, Honey 02:56
08.Watch Out 03:49
09.What About Livingstone 02:57
10.Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 03:39
11.Suzy-Hang-Around 03:16
12.Ring Ring (US Remix 1974) (Bonus) 03:06
13.Waterloo (Swedish Version) (Bonus) 02:46
14.Honey, Honey (Swedish Version) (Bonus) 03:00
15.Waterloo (German Version) (Bonus) 02:45
16.Hasta Ma?ana (Spanish Version) (Bonus) 03:10
17.Ring Ring (1974 Remix, Single Version) (Bonus) 03:11
18.Waterloo (French Version) (Bonus) 02:43

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