Randy Katana - Spirit Of The Drums - 2007 MP3/Flac

Randy Katana originally came from the Dutch Antillean Islands (Aruba, Curacao and St Maarten), where for many years he worked as resident DJ at many of the trendiest clubs on the Islands. He also spend many years playing drums in Brass Bands, which on the islands where specialized in Carnival music. This is where Randy acquired the Latin tribal soul that he projects in his music today.

Now it's time for Randy to take the next step: his debut artist album! Spirit of the drums has everything that you can espect from mister tribal trance himself: uplifting drumbeats, raw basslines, and sexy sounds. All of the tracks on the album are real dancefloor fillers, and will cause mayhem in every club on earth. Next to a lot of new tracks, Randy also made some big remakesof his previous hits; In silence and Gemini, and teamed up with guys as Mac Zimms and Nick Larson for some interesting collaborations.

1. Randy Katana - And Then The Bass 6:04
2. Randy Katana - Latino 4:37
3. Randy Katana - Last One 6:17
4. Randy Katana - In Silence (2007 Vinyl Edit) 8:12
5. Randy Katana - Freak Bass (Tribal Mix) 5:33
6. Randy Katana & Mac Zimms - Bring It On (Katana Edit) 4:20
7. Randy Katana Presents Nick Larson - FDV 6 (Katana Edit) 5:30
8. Randy Katana - Blow Up The Speakers (Katana Edit) 4:40
9. Randy Katana & Mac Zimms - 2 In 1 5:43
10.Randy Katana - Session Impossible 5:45
11.Randy Katana - Another Wave 5:29
12.Randy Katana - Tribal Train (Going Up Mix) 7:23
13.Randy Katana - Gemini (2007 Vinyl Edit) 7:19

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