Zaman - The Arabian Classics Chillout (2005) MP3/Flac

Zaman - The Arabian Classics Chillout (2005)
Zaman - The Arabian Classics Chillout (2005)
Label: EMI Arabia
Release Date: June 27, 2005
Genre: Arabic Music | Lo-Fi
Quality: MP3 VBR kbps 44khz Stereo
Tracks: 16
Size: 141 Mb
Zaman in Arabic Means Old Or History and this Elegant Compilation Mixes Classic Timeless Arabian Songs with the Class of Today's Contemporised Sounds. A Stunning Fusion of Western and Arabic Sounds, this Album Appeals to Wide Audiences Looking for Stylish World Music Chill that is Crossover, Chic and Has No Boundaries. A Very Cool CD for Lounging, Dinner Parties, Restaurants Etc and Surely Will Impress all with Only One Listen. This World Class Compilation features Arabia's Hottest Producers. The Opening Track 1001 Nights Sets the Scene and Mood with One of the Most Famous Riffs of Arabian History from the Legendary Oum Kalsoum; Many More Gems Transcend to Follow.

1. Back To Basic - 1001 Nights (Bzs Back On The Rocks Mix)
2. E-Lynn(Elie Attieh) Ateinih Al Nai
3. Sphinx Mix - Cleopatra
4. Kamal Musalliam - Bent El Shalabia
5. Dania Coo Coo (From Sunrise To Sunset Mix)
6. Hasna - El Hiyat Hilwa (It's A Beautiful Life Mix)
7. Oryx - Habina (Chillout Remix)
8. Ilham Al Madfal - Chal Chal Alyea Al Rumman (Blue Bedouin Remix)
9. Maqam (Mesopotamix)
10. Hussain Bagali - Saboha (Chillout Mix)
11. Elama (Chillout Mix)
12. Beruit Biloma - In Rah Minik Ya Ein (Chillout Mix)
13. Lemonada - Inta Omri
14. Siham Assif - Essal Alaya
15. Oumeima - Asfour
16. Amal Murkus - Ya Ba La La