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Anna Vissi - Apagorevmeno
Apagorevmeno (Greek: ?‘???±???????µ?…???­????; English: Forbidden) is Greek singer Anna Vissi's 25th studio album, and was released in Greece and Cyprus on December 9, 2008 by Sony BMG Greece. It is her first studio album since 2005 and includes the singles "To Parelthon Mou" from the soundtrack of the film Bank Bang as well as the Greek cover "Kontra" as bonus tracks, bringing the number of songs to 15. It is Vissi's first album to not include any songs by Nikos Karvelas since her 1981 album Anna Vissi. Chief producer Greg Ladanyi along with a number of the album's personnel are affiliated with the Maple Jam Music Group, a company that also acts as part of Vissi's management since 2008.
Vissi had been working on the album for 2 years. In an interview with Down Town Magazine in July 2008, Vissi said that she felt the same way as she did at the start of her career by having already listened to over 600 songs in the studio in an attempt to find songs she liked. She also stated that this would be the first album of which Nikos Karvelas would not be contributing any songs to, expressing that the two have gotten tired of each other, but clarified that this does not rule out a collaboration in the future.
On October 30, 2008, Vissi gave an interview on MAD TV's OK with Themis Georgandas. She added that ten of the tracks were arranged in Los Angeles, while she had a hand in the production of all tracks. By the end of November, the name Apagorevmeno (Forbidden) had been selected and it was announced that the album would be released on December 9, 2008. The final version contains 15 tracks in total, with the single "To Parelthon Mou" and the cover "Kontra" being included as bonus tracks.
Among the original composers were Patrick Leonard and Giannis Kifonidis with three songs each, Giannis Hristoudoulopoulos with two songs and Alex Papakonstantinou, Grigoris Kollias, and Anna Vissi herself with one song each. The Patrick Leonard songs were originally written in English for Vissi's English album due out in Summer 2009, but were instead re-recorded using Greek lyrics to appear on this album. "Apagorevmeno" is also co-composed with Kara Dioguardi. Vissi composed the song "Apo Makria Kai Agapimeni" as a reflection of her relationship with Nikos Karvelas. The song "Risko" (Risk) was described by both Vissi and Vrahali as a rock zeibekiko, while "Alitissa Psihi" was also described as a zembekiko. Among the lyricists are Mirto Kontova with six songs, Eleana Vrahali with five songs, and Giorgos Mitsigkas, Grigoris Kollias, Valia Kaladzi and Vagellis Papazoulou with one song each. Photographs that Dave Stewart took of Vissi on a beach in Malibu, California where also supposed to be included in the CD booklet but seem to be left out, assumingly for her English language album in 2009.
Three Greek language covers appear on the album: Dan Wilson's song "Breathless" titled "Kontra", a bonus track, Luz Casal' song Ni Tu Ni Yo titled "Metallo", and Christina Aguilera's song "That's What Love Can Do" titled "An S'Erotefto". The latter was an Aguilera B side track composed by Aguilera herself and Glen Ballard, which appeared on the limited edition CD Justin & Christina used to promote the Justified and Stripped Tour. "That's What Love Can Do" was also recorded in English for Vissi's upcoming English album. A remake of the Rebetiko song "Pente Hronia Dikasmenos (I Foni Tou Argile)", which was originally recorded in 1936 by Vangelis Papazoglou, also appears on the album as "Pente Hronia Dikasmeos". The rendition represents a fusion of Greek urban folk music, or rebetiko, with that of contemporary urban music by including elements of R&B and rapping in English. Argile is Greek for hookah, while the rappers featured in Vissi's remake also refer to smoking a hookah pipe.


01. Apagorevmeno (Forbidden)
02. An S'Erotefto (If I Fall In Love With You)
03. Apo Makria Kai Agapimeni (From Far Away And Loved)
04. Risko (Risk)
05. Anakohi (Truce)
06. Stin Pira (On Fire)
07. Pente Hronia Dikasmenos (Five Years Convicted)
08. Metallo (Metal)
09. Kane Kati (Do Something)
10. Gia Ena Lepto (For One Minute)
11. Alitissa Psihi (Vagrant Soul)
12. Thelo Mia Agapi (I Want A Love)
13. Pio Konta (Closer)

Bonus Track:

14. Kontra (Against Each Other)
15. To Parelthon Mou (My Past)

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