Blue Magic - Foxzauber Classics Vol.1 MP3/Flac

Blue Magic - Foxzauber Classics Vol.1

TT: 01:18:05

2 Hot 4 You - Can`t Take My Eyes Off You
Bakerstreet - Until The Times Is Through
Bad Boys Blue - I`ll Be Good
Culture Beat - Pay No Mind
New London Beat - Read Between Your Eyes
Modern Talking - Part Time Lover
Nek - Laura No Ce
Le Ann Rimes - How Do I Live
Lutricia Mc Neal - Fly Away
Alexia - Good Bye
Alicia - Open Your Eyes
Andru Donalds - Presious Little Diamond
New System - Angel Guy
Loona Maxi - Bailando
Ken Lazlo - Everytime
Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight
Cindy - Crazy For You
Harajuku - Colors Of The Wind
Modern Talking - Fly To The Moon
Rocky M. - Fly With Me To Wonderland
Atlantis - You Get What You Give
Ann Lee - Smooth And Sweet
Toni Braxton - Spanish Guitars
Marque - Electronic Lady
DJ Cockie - Fly On The Wings Of Love
Abacab - Break It Up
5 Ny - Open Your Eyes
4 Factory feat. Navarro - Give Me More
A.C. One - Sing A Song Now Now
Bad Boys Blue - Back To The Future