Patrick Vining & The Blue Sharks - Released MP3/Flac

Patrick Vining & The Blue Sharks - Released

Patrick has a history with the blues like most musicians: touring, making records, then taking time off to regroup and at some point, the blues drags you back into the whole thing again. 'Released' is a previously issued disc that Patrick decided to put out on his own, and things are starting to heat up this time. Backed by some of LA's best, like Kirk Fletcher, Paul Fasulo/drums (Mighty Flyers), John Marx & Jim Ransone (guitars), Rick Reed/bass, and horn guys Johny Viau and Troy Jennings. Patrick wrote most of the songs on it, and this group of musicians took it from there. Some good 'ol Left Coast blues and swing like it oughta be done.

1 She's So Nice
2 One Heartbeat
3 I Need Help
4 Spending Cash
5 Don't Wait To Start Over
6 Put The Blame On Me
7 I Don't Want No Broken Heart
8 Thank You Baby
9 Looking For Mercy
10 Lonesome Blues
11 Give It Everything You've Got

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