Blue System - Total Remixes MP3/Flac

This is 'Modern Style' Remixes.. Sounds very nice+good quality ( 320 )

Don't miss it!!!!

1 Gangster Love (Ravel High Energy Edit)
2 When Bogart Talks To You (Break The Silence Radio Mix)
3 Love Me More (European Disco Mix)
4 It's Ecstasy (Exciting Vocal Mix)
5 G.T.O. (After Hours Club Mix)
6 My Bed Is Too Big (78th Rap Mix)
7 Sorry Little Sarah (Ultra Extended Mix)
8 Under My Skin (Edgar III Stomp Club Mix)
9 Gangster Love (Rene Hatersson Radio Mix)
10 G.T.O. (Radio 2000 Mix)
11 Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend (Central Station Mix)
12 Under My Skin (Edgar III Stomp Mix)
13 I Want To Be Your Brother (Oliver Leadline Trumpet Edit)