The 90's Retro Remixes vol.3 MP3/Flac

The 90's Retro Remixes vol.3
The 90's Retro Remixes vol.3

01-Intermission - Piece Of My Heart'09 Ultrasound Retro Remix (8:20)
02-Co.Ro feat Tarlisa - Because The Night'09 Ultrasound Retro Remix (10:00)
03-DJ Bobo - Somebody dance with me Ultrasound club Live Remix (8:14)
04-Bass Bumpers - The Music's Got Me Ultrasound Extended Mix (7:32)
05-49ers - Touch Me'09 Ultrasound Hard Sex Retro Mix (9:20)
06-Ab Logic - The Hitman Ultrasound Extended Mix (10:00)
07-Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) (La Da Dee La Da Da) Ultrasound Extended Mix (6:50)
08-Captain Hollywood Project - Only With You'09 Ultrasound Retro Remix (9:25)
09-EMF - Unbelievable '09 Ultrasound Retro Remix (11:45)
10-East 17 - House Of Love Extended Ultrasound Version (10:00)
11-chris isaak - wicked game'09 ultrasound extended remix (7:43)

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