Sea Level - On The Edge MP3/Flac

Sea Level - On The Edge
Sea Level - On The Edge

Capricorn 1978
That's what happens when some long-haired guys are doing the jazz thing: Combine Jazz, Blues and Rock in a subtle way, wrap it with some nice songwriting

which sounds already very 1980ish et voil? . Includes the dance track "Fifty-Four" and the hit "Living In A Dream".

1. Fifty-Four (4:12)
2. King Grand (4:18)
3. Living In A Dream (4:32)
4. A Lotta Colada (3:44)
5. This Could Be The Worst (5:22)
6. Uptown Downtown (3:48)
7. Electron Cold (4:03)
8. On The Wing (5:05)

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