Con Funk Shun - Secrets MP3/Flac

Con Funk Shun - Secrets
Con Funk Shun - Secrets

Mercury 1977
It's a mellow album by Con Funk Shun that includes the ultimate floorfiller "Ffun" (listen to that bassline!) and one of my favourite jazz-funk tunes ever:

"Indian Summer Love (Instrumental)". These keyboards always melt my heart. Again and again.

1. DooWhaChaWannaDoo (3:24)
2. Who Has The Time (4:42)
3. Indian Summer Love (Interlude) (0:40)
4. Tears In My Eyes (4:01)
5. Ffun (4:08)
6. Secrets (4:15)
7. ConFunkShunizeYa (4:24)
8. I'll Set You Out O.K. (4:10)
9. Indian Summer Love (Instrumental) (4:52)

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