The Fantastic First Years MP3/Flac

Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons - Fantastic First Years

The early history of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Here is a package that has all of the obscure, hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind, early tracks. Some are songs that were released by Frankie Valli under various pseudonymns (Frankie Vally, Frankie Tyler, Frankie Valley, Frankie Valle), and others are songs that were released as "backing vocals." The early solo stuff is reminiscent of the great Doo Wop sounds coming from the east coast during the late 50s/early 60s. Many diehard fans know that Frankie Valli and Tommy DeVito were in The Four Lovers. You also know that The Four Seasons sometimes used the pseudonymn of The Wonder Who. Did you also know about Alex Alda (aka Nick Massi And The Four Seasons) and Billy Dixon And The Topics (aka The Four Seasons) ?

01 Pucker Up (The Four Lovers)
02 My Life For Your Love (The Four Lovers)
03 I Go Ape (Frankie Tyler)
04 If You Care (Frankie Tyler)
05 Please Take A Chance (Frankie Vally)
06 It May Be Wrong (Frankie Vally)
07 Forgive And Forget (Frankie Vally & The Travelers)
08 Somebody Else Took Her Home (Frankie Vally & The Travelers)
09 Come Si Bella (Frankie Valle & The Romans)
10 Real (This Is Real) (Frankie Valle & The Romans)
11 My Mother's Eyes (Frankie Vally)
12 The Laugh's On Me (Frankie Vally)
13 Trance (Billy Dixon & The Topics)
14 I Am All Alone (Billy Dixon & The Topics)
15 Lost Lullabye (Billy Dixon & The Topics)
16 An Angel Cried (Hall Miller & The Rays)
17 Betty Jean (Johnny Halo)
18 Little Pony (Alex Alda)
19 Bright Brown Eyes (The Rays)
20 The Girl In My Dreams (The Topics)
21 Pollyanna (John Corey)
22 I Still Care (Miss Frankie Nolan)
23 A Fling Of The Past (Van Trevor)
24 C'mon Now Baby (Van Trevor)
25 No Lies (The Kokomos)
26 Little Lana (Larry Lee)
27 One Night (The Four Kings)
28 Lonely Lovers (The Four Kings)
29 What About Me? (Jonathan Marcus)
30 You're The Apple Of My Eye (The Four Lovers)
31 Please Don't Leave Me (The Four Lovers)
32 Things Go Better With Coke (The Four Seasons)
33 Cousin Brucie Go Go (The Four Seasons)

Frankie valli & The Four Seasons - The Fantastic First Years