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Zebedy Colt - Zebedy Sings For You

I'll Sing For You by Zebedy Colt released in 1970, recorded with the London Philharmonic, is a surprisingly good record. Colt had a gentle, resounding voice and a relaxed style that lends itself well to these standards. The thing that makes this queer (no pun intended) is the man behind the record. Edward Earle Marsh aka Zebedy was a flamboyant homosexual and gay cabaret singer of some note. He also had some meaty roles on Broadway and composed film music including scores for classics like "The Horror Of Party Beach". Colt also happened to be an infamous porn actor, producer, director. This crazy dichotomy is just a hint of the fascinating character that was Zebedy Colt.

01 The Man I Love
02 I'm In Love With A Wonderful
03 Bill
04 A Sleepin' Bee
05 Michael
06 Love For Sale
07 Bewitched
08 A New Year, A New Love
09 Lush Life
10 The Day To Say Goodbye
11 Somewhere

Zebedy Colt - Zebedy Sings For You

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