altDear friends, this is a kind of record you may not miss. Its hard to find and the quality of this group is something hard to tell you. You may listen to them, their voices are like jewels to our ears.
Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian choir that performs jazz and popular music. It was founded as Gaudeamus Chamber Choir in 1983 by Marko Tiran. In 2001, Tiran passed the art directorship of the choir to Toma Kozlevar, the renowned music producer, arranger and vocalist. The choir consists of both female and male singers. They are occasionally augmented by jazz instrumentalists from the RTV Slovenia Big Band and Slovenian pop stars such as Alenka Godec, 6Pack ukur, Alya, Oto Pestner, Jan Plestenjak, Nua Derenda and others. The choir uses a wide spectrum of jazz styles, performing complex and dense harmonies, characteristic of close harmony music. They were originally inspired by Gene Puerling, The Singers Unlimited, and The Swingle Singers. They perform bossa nova and swing music, as well as funk, gospel and pop, either a cappella with vocal percussionist Sao Vrabi, or with a jazz trio. and IVGF (Tilburg, Netherlands) international jazz vocal music competitions, and the Choir Olympics 2008 in Graz, Austria. It performs Vokal Xtravaganzza evening concerts in Cankar Hall in Ljubljana, regularly offering a variety of Slovenian and foreign vocal jazz and pop music guests. In 2006, the choir recorded its udna no album, which was released by Dallas Records in September. Shortly after it organized a concert with Mansound (from Kiev, Ukraine). In December, it released its first video udna no, the title track of its new album. Tracks from the album occupied the tops of charts of the most important radio broadcasters around Slovenia, whereas the album itself was ranked among the top ten best-selling albums in Slovenia. Two separate YouTube videos of their performance of "Africa" had more than 6 million views combined since first publishing in May 2009 until August 2009. The performance also earned kudos from the song's co-writer, David Paich.

1. udna No (Strange Night)
2. Girl from Ipanema

3. Blame it on the Sun
4. Ne zameri mi
5. Samo nasmeh (Solo un sorriso)

6. A day in the life of a fool (Manh de Carnaval)

7. As

8. Brez besed (Eres tu)
9. Lullaby of the leaves

10. Just one of those things

11. Intima

12. Baroque samba

13. The Manhattan Transfer in Concert:

Birdland - Spice of life - Tuxedo junction

14. Killing me softly

15. Joyful, joyful

16. udna No (Radio Mix)

Gravadora: Dallas Records
Data de lanamento: 2006

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