2009 - The Very Best MP3/Flac

2009 - The Very Best
2009 - The Very Best

Released June 8, 2009
Recorded 1987-1998
Genre Alternative metal
Label Rhino Records
Producer Various

Disc 1
1."The Real Thing"
2."From Out of Nowhere"
4."We Care a Lot"
8."Land of Sunshine"
9."Be Aggressive"
10."Midlife Crisis"
11."A Small Victory"
12."Everything's Ruined"
14."Digging the Grave"
16."Ashes to Ashes"

Disc 2
1."Absolute Zero" (B-side on "Digging The Grave" single 1995)
2."The Big Kahuna" (B-side on "Ashes To Ashes" single 1997)
3."Light Up And Let Go" (B-side on "Ashes To Ashes" single 1997)
4."I Won't Forget You" (rarity previously released on Who Cares a Lot? greatest hits album 1998)
5."The World Is Yours" (B-side on "I Started A Joke" single 1998)
6."Hippie Jam Song" (rarity previously released on Who Cares A Lot? greatest hits album 1998)
7."Sweet Emotion" (given away with Kerrang! magazine in 1989)
8."New Improved Song" (given away with Sounds magazine in 1988)
9."Das Schutzenfest" (B-side on "Evidence" single 1995)
10."This Guy's In Love With You (Live in Sydney 21-10-1997)" (B-side on "I Started a Joke" single 1998)

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