VA - Lil Flip - Return Of Day Flyboy [Rap][2009] MP3/Flac

VA - Lil Flip - Return Of Day Flyboy [Rap][2009]
VA - Lil Flip - Return Of Day Flyboy [Rap][2009]

1. Lil Flip-Return of da 1 fly boy
2. David Crayton and Lil Flip-Feel good muzick
3. Lil Flip-Drank in my cup
4. Eden and Lil Flip-Just a dream
5. Lil Flip-Da champ
6. Lil Flip-Im serious
7. Lil Flip-Keep it real
8. David Crayton and Lil Flip-Playaz life
9. Gudda Gudda and Lil Flip-Pump my fist
10. Lil Flip-In my Jeep
11. Lil Flip and Young Styly-Break the cycle
12. Lil Flip-Liquour got u tuff
13. Lil Flip-Kim Kardashian
14. Lil Flip and Scoop-a-Star-Posted in the trap
15. Adub and Bobby Moon and Lil Flip-H-town girl
16. Lil Flip-Million dollar dream
17. Lil Flip-High off life
18. Lil Flip-Put my life on the beat

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