Northern Soul MP3/Flac

VA - On The Real Side

What is exactly Northern Soul and why did it become a cult scene, constantly evolving since the early steps into the Motown Sound through Philly Sound towards the upbeat tempo of Mod inspiration? The best way to catch a glimpse of this everlasting club scene and its legendary DJ Ian Levine at the landmark Blackpool Mecca, is to listen carefully to this On the Real Side: The Modern End of Northern Soul. Featuring some of the best Northern Soul tracks ever written including the Carstairs' amazing 'It Really Hurts Me, Girl.' This 22 chapter saga tells the tale of one of the most beloved soul scenes among young original mod dancers and their current followers.

01 Odds And Ends - Yesterday My Love
02 The Continental 4 - What You Gave Up
03 Lezli Valentine - I Won't Do Anything
04 Debbie Taylor - No Deposit, No Return
05 Soul Generation - Key To Your Heart
06 The Heartstoppers - Marching Out Of Your Life
07 The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
08 Cookie Woodson - I'll Be True
09 Eloise Laws - Love Factory
10 Jimmy Helms - Romeo And Juliet
11 Larry Saunders - On The Real Side
12 Barbara Jean English - I'm Living A Lie
13 Chocolate Syrup - You've Got A Lot To Give
14 The Moments - I Dig Your Act
15 Linda Jones And The Whatnauts - So Glad I Found You
16 Rosey Jones - Have Love Will Travel
17 Timothy Wilson - Wedding Ring
18 Jeanne Napoli - Forget That Girl
19 Retta Young - My Man Is On His Way
20 Crown Heights Affair - Every Beat Of My Heart (New Disco Version)
21 Shelly Black - No Turning Back
22 Silent Majority - Something New About You

VA - On The real Side (The Modern End Of Northern Soul)