Ellie Greenwich - Composes, Produces & Sings (1968) MP3/Flac

Ellie Greenwich - Composes, Produces & Sings (1968)
Ellie Greenwich Composes, Produces & Sings (1968)

Ellie Greenwich is a major figure of 1960s pop/rock, but her first solo album must be considered a great disappointment in light of her deep talents. For one thing, although she's a good singer and producer, most would agree without a second's thought that her greatest talent lies in songwriting. That makes it inexcusable that four of the ten songs here are covers of hits by other people, including "Niki Hoeky," Bobby Vee's "Beautiful People," "Oh How Happy," and "The Letter." Her own songs are decent soul-pop-rock tunes that are not, however, up to the best hits she wrote with Jeff Barry in the mid-'60s. For all that, "I Want You to Be My Baby" (actually written not by Greenwich, but by James Hendricks) is a good, rowdy girl group stomper; "Goodnight Goodnight" is like a good, mid-level Ronettes song; "A Long Time Comin'" is a fair, more serious-minded soul-pop outing that's moodier than most of her compositions; and "I'll Never Need More Than This," a collaboration with Barry and Phil Spector, is nice, lightly orchestrated soul-pop.

01 i want you to be my baby
02 beautiful people
03 baby, baby, baby
04 goodnight, goodnight
05 a long time comin'
06 the sunshine after the rain
07 niki hoeky
08 the letter
09 oh how happy
10 i'll never need you more than this

Ellie Greenwich - Composes, Produces And Sings (1968)

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