Yoshiaki Masuo - The Song Is You And Me MP3/Flac

Yoshiaki Masuo - The Song Is You And Me

Guitarist Yoshiaki Masuo did this great album on Electric Bird Records in 1980, personnel is Yoshiaki Masuo on guitar, Yutaka Yokokura on keyboards, Jan Hammer on piano & mini moog, Mike Brecker on sax, Randy Brecker and Alan Rubin on trumpet, Dave Tofani on sax & flute, Victor Bruce Godsey and Jorge Dalto on piano, Neil Jason, T.M. Stevens and Russel Blake on bass, Buddy Williams, Tony Cintron Jr. and Robbie Gonzales on drums, Carol M. Steele and Pecker on percussion, plus the N.Y. Strings Section.

1. The Song Is You And Me
2. The Song Is Me And You
3. (Living The) High Life
4. Bluesion
5. Saratoga Girl
6. Summer Rain
7. Deanna
8. Two Hearts

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