Elastic Band - Albums + 5 Singles - 1992-1996 MP3/Flac

Elastic Band - Albums + 5 Singles - 1992-1996

Elastic Band
Angelino Albanese, Gianni Visnadi, Tom Hooker

Album - Get It Out! (1992)
1 Everybody's Talkin'
2 If You Leave Me Now
3 Call It A Day
4 Miami
5 Shadow
6 Drive Along
7 The Sounds Of Silence
8 Get It Out
9 Time
10 To Be Or Not To Be
11 Your Way
12 Like Guido Sarducci

Everybody's Talkin' (1992)

A1 Everybody's Talkin'
A2 To Be Or Not To Be
B1 Everybody's Talkin' (Visnadi Remix)

Love Is Life (1994)

A Love Is Life (136 Mix)
AA1 Love Is Life (Understars Mix)
AA2 Love Is Life (Art Mix)

Love Is Life (Moratto Remix) (1994)

A Love Is Life (Moratto Mix)
B Love Is Life (I See Love Mix)

Running Up That Hill (1994)

1 Running Up That Hill (Radio Mix)
2 Running Up That Hill (Alex Party Mix)
3 Rolling Down That Mountain (Momentum Mix)

Ventura Highway (1996)

1 Ventura Highway (Alex Party High Radio Mix)
2 Ventura Highway (Alex Party Big Mix)
3 Ventura Highway (Fargetta Remix)
4 Freedom Bridge Motorway

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