V.A - OM Chilled Vol. 02 : : . MP3/Flac

V.A - OM Chilled Vol. 02 : : .

[b]Artist: V.A
Title: OM Chilled Vol. 02
Released: Mar. 2008
Format: Unmixed Audio CD, 192 kbps / 44,1kHz
Label: OM records
Genre: Lounge, Lo-Fi

V.A / OM CHILLED VOL. 02 (2008)

Just in time for you to cozy up for the winter, once again, Om brings you Om Chilled Volume 2 for the connoisseur of all things mellow, funky, and seductively down-tempo. From the label that brought you the classic Mushroom Jazz and Om Lounge, Chilled features a collection of fourteen soothed out melodious tunes ??“ perfect for satisfying your laid back mood.

The tracks come together flawlessly giving the listener a matured agreeable tone. Newcomers Techno Squirrels, start the album off with their drifting tune