Craig G - Now, That's more like it MP3/Flac

Craig G
Now, That's more like it

NYC hip hop classic here with Craig G's 2nd album
Now that's more like it..
Probably called that because his first album "the Kingpin" was released during the year that
"Hip-House" was reigning supreme and his label Atlantic records convinced him
to record his album in that style

And this, his 2nd album was a return to the hip hop he was known for..
I.E. his CLASSIC "Droppin Science" & rhymes

just loved the beats on this one back when it came out
classic Marley marl sample chopping..

dont miss The lyrically crazy "give it to me" with fellow Juice crew member Master Ace
& listen to
"Going for the Throat" a diss record to another fellow juice crew member
Mc Shan..