BOB HOCKO AND THE SWAMP RATS - Disco Still Sucks! MP3/Flac

altRecorded between 1966 and 1967.

1. Louie Louie
2. Hey Joe
3. She’s Got Everything
4. I’m Going Home
5. Hey Joe
6. It’s Not Easy
7. No Friend Of Mine
8. Till the End of the Day
9. In the Midnight Hour
10. Here There & Everywhere
11. Tobacco Road
12. Psycho

Oddly, this compilation of singles by Pittsburgh '60s punk legends the Swamp Rats is credited to Bob Hocko and the Swamp Rats, which is odd considering he wasn't even on their first single, but since he seems to be the only member who actually cooperated with this release that may be why. The Swamps Rats were formed out of the ashes of the Fantastic Deejays, a Merseybeat inspired band that penned cool originals and released some singles and one great full-length LP in 1965. The Swamp Rats couldn't have been further away in sound, as they performed mainly covers and were one of the most demented, unhinged and fuzzed-out bands this side of the Sonics. It's no surprise that they covered "Psycho," as well as copying the Sonics' arrangement of "Louie, Louie" for their first single. Backed with "Hey Joe," the trio utilized twin fuzzed guitars, drums and no bass for a primal sound that few could match.

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