Megamix - djitalo mix4 (32tracks) MP3/Flac

Megamix -  djitalo mix4 (32tracks)

djitalo mix4 (32tracks)


1-Sun La Shan - Rose From Tokio (Intro)
2-Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity
3-Mr Zivago - Russian Paradise
4-Paciscopi - Love's Harmony
5-Mike Rogers - Just A Story
6-Danny Keith - Love Me Again
7-Flexx - You'll Never Change No More
8-Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do
9-D.D.Band - Misteri Woman
10-Patrick Palmer - Moonlight Serenade
11-Helicon - You See
12-Salvy And Giuly - Stop The World
13-Dan Eller - Carillon
14-Fabian Nesti - Brand New Day
15-Paul Paul - Burn On The Flames (inst.)
16-Angie Care - Your Mind
17-Mark Tower - You Aren't Falling In Love
18-Randy Wiper - I'd Like To Know
19-Camomilla - Come On Everybody
20-Sue Sadlow - I Will Find My Way
21-Palmer - Computer Guy
22-Vivien Vee - Higher
23-Jd Jabber - Don't Stop Loving
24-Duke Lake - Do You
25-Lazarus - Wait (Remix)
26-Ventura - Another Time
27-Tato - Crazy Boy
28-Blue Russell - I wanna Fly Away
29-Styloo - Pretty Face
30-Betty Miranda - Dance
31-R.Bais - Dial My Number
32-Camomilla - Queen of The Night