Deep Purple - In Rock ( 24K Gold) - 2009 MP3/Flac

Deep Purple - In Rock ( 24K Gold) - 2009

Deep Purple - In Rock (AFZ 051 24K Gold)
2009 (1970) | Classic Rock |
Audio Fidelity / AFZ 051 24K Gold

The Deep Purple In Rock album always sounded to me like it was recorded in a carpeted band practice room somewhere (which I guess it sort of was, heh) with the engineer turning everything up to 11. It's great to listen to from the original tapes for once. Every other version I've ever heard sounds like someone tried to fix the sound using limiting and EQ (which is totally the wrong approach) rather than just accept it for what it is. Long version of the first song is on there, never fear. Original tapes from De Lane Lea Studios via Abbey Road vault. These Gold discs are being manufactured right now. Steve Hoffman


1. Speed King (long version)
2. Bloodsucker
3. Child in Time
4. Flight of the Rat
5. Into the Fire
6. Living Wreck
7. Hard Lovin' Man

Anyone familiar with this album knows it is a sonic assault. Anything other than a minimalist approach to remastering it would result in a over the top compressed mess. Steve Hoffman did a great job in this remaster. Played on an HDCD player, the album is a pleasure to listen to and not too harsh. Hoffman has missed the mark on other albums he remastered but not on this one. Get it while you can. F. Reim (Somerdale, NJ)

Deep Purple - In Rock ( 24K Gold) - 2009

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