Free EP Eldiavolo - 150Khm (PSMREC008) MP3/Flac

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Free EP Eldiavolo - 150Khm

About Artist:

Behind name Eldiavolo is Simic Vladimir (83) from Serbia
More at Eldiavolo page
or Eldiavolo Mypace

About release:

EP 150khm is the free release, and the gift
of Eldiavolo for his birthday. EP 150khm is
something different from the style that
Eldiavolo prefers , all track are 150 BPM
because the EP is called 150khm, all track is
called by bus transporters from Serbia. Anyway,
is advice to download and listen ,
because the words not can to say what music can...

Free EP Eldiavolo - 150Khm (PSMREC008)


1) Eldiavolo - Lasta Beograd 06:06 (150 bpm)
2) Eldiavolo - GSP Beograd 06:06 (150 bpm)
3) Eldiavolo - Nis Ekspres 06:06 (150 bpm)

Mastering by Eldiavolo
Cover Artwork: Eldiavolo page

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