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David Grissom - Loud Music
David Grissom "Loud Music"
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2007 | Genre: Rock | Songwriter

I ran into Dave Grissom at the PRS booth while I was down in Austin, TX for Summer NAMM. He was making an appearance to help promote his new Paul Reed Smith Signature Guitar - The DTS. After meeting with some of the PRS execs I had a chance to talk with Dave a bit about items ranging from his show that night with Storyville, his new signature guitar, recent projects - which led us to his new solo CD entitled Loud Music.

For any of you out there who have been living under a rock for your guitar playing life, David Grissom has toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in music today; ranging from John Mellencamp, Chris Isaak, Allman Brothers, John Mayall, Buddy Guy, The Dixie Chicks, Kevin Fowler, James McMurtry, Joe Ely, to name a few. Trisha Yearwood, Lee Ann Womack, Shannon Curfman, Storyville, and more have recorded many of David's songs.

Dave's new CD is appropriately titled. As a guitar player my first thought was that, ahh yes, Loud Music is about a guitarist's self-centered-love of turning one's amp and axe up to ear bursting decibels. As a player there is nothing better, yes? Well, at least until the time that the girlfriend or wife somehow finds a way to yell louder, telling you to shut the hell up. But once I popped the disc into the CD player, I realized that David's songs automatically turn themselves up when played - sometimes the volume to heights that may bring on vertigo. But you'll be glad you did.

Right out of the wrapper Loud Music is a guitar players delight. Dave's big overdriven tones and chunky chords flare and roll out of the speakers. The album is a mix of instrumental guitar and sing-along-rock-anthems. Trust me you'll throw up a rock salute while you're head bobs back and forth on many of these tunes.

Dave Grissom is a monster rock guitar player. His tone will drop you on your ass. Dave's thunderous tone cracks right through on the record. From the opening licks and thrust of the album's opener. "Lonesome Dave" to the bright and crisp tones on "Wide Lode," you'll get an earful of masterful instrumental guitar playing.

Even though Dave Grissom is mostly known for his masterful guitar work, his vocal chops are excellent as well on tunes like the title track "Loud Music," "Nothing Makes a Man Go Crazy," and "Whiskey Cryin." The last two are a part of the smoother, softer side of the record. On the beautifully written ballad, "Nothing Makes a Man Go Crazy," Grissom sings soulfully and with his heart on his sleeve, making it one of the highlights on the album. It made a believer out of me.

The multi-talented Dave Grissom just also happens to be one of the best songwriters in the music business today. The songs he's written like "Midnight Drive" and the songs above on this album are timeless pieces with hooks, changes, choruses and lyrics that will make most who write songs just crumple up the paper and shoot for three. He's a brilliant wordsmith and master of the music craft, period.

Dave Grissom is a huge and rare talent. It's no wonder that Paul Reed Smith partnered with him on the development and release of Dave's signature DTS model. If others were smart, they should start figuring out ways to jump on board as well.

Loud Music is a turn-it-up-and feel-good guitar album. Every tune on the record feels fresh with a unique vibe - and that's not an easy thing to pull off for any artist, no matter what genre of music. You'll find a range of rock, blues, country, honky-tonk, and pop. There are no throwaways or filler on the album. You get the best from Grissom on Loud Music with huge guitar tone and chops, brilliant songwriting, smart lyrics, quality vocals, and a mix of rock music that will, if played right, will give your ears a good kind of ring.

Track list:

01 Lonesome Dave
02 Loud Music
03 Wide Lode
04 Hi-Tex
05 Sake And Venom
06 Nothin' Makes A Man Go Crazy
07 Whiskey Cryin'
08 Boots Likes To Boogie
09 Lucy G
10 Mister Quincy
11 Midnight Drive
David Grissom - Loud Music

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