FabricLive.08 by Plump DJs (2003) MP3/Flac

FabricLive.08 by Plump DJs (2003)
1-"Fab 1" (Intro) - Plump DJs
2-"From Home" (Hexadecimal Mix) - Sound Alliance
3-"Nova" - One Upfront
4-"Listen To The Drummer" - Nation 12
5-"Beyond This World" (Dub Mix) - DJ Abstract
6-"Squeaks And Bleeps" - Plump DJs
7-"Dope Freak" - Move-Ya!
8-"Angelfish" - Plan B vs. Plump DJs
9-"Contact 00" - Plump DJs
10-"Cakehole" - Evil Nine
11-"2 Men On A Trip" (Lee's Tripped Out Mix) - Meat Katie meets Lee Coombs
12-"Alarm Bells" - Plastic Pervert
13-"The Drum" - Soul Of Man
14-"The Rock" - Punx
15-"Energise" (Casino Kid Remix) - Chad Jackson
16-"Electric Appliances" (Plump DJs Vocal Remix) - Mr. Velcro Fastener
17-"Hey Mr DJ" (Stab Mix) - Screen II
18-"Back In The Day" - C83
19-"Punch Drunk" - Plump DJs
20-"I Feel Love" - Donna Summer
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