01. Green Jelly - Anarchy In The U.K. (Sex Pistols)
02. Anthrax - God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols)
03. Kiss - Do You Remember R.R.R (The Ramones)
04. Maryslim - I Believe In Miracles (The Ramones)
05. D.A.D - Havana Affair (The Ramones)
06. Dawn Of Oblivion - Body Electric (The Sisters Of Mercy)
07. Helloween - From Out Of Nowhere (Faith No More)
08. Diesel Boy - Looks That Kill (M?┬Âtley Cr??e)
09. Steel Dragon - Long Live Rock And Roll (Dio)
10. Dan Swano - Lucretia My Reflection (The Sisters Of Mercy)
11. The Shrink - Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics)
12. Dungeon - Wild Child (Wasp)
13. Widow - I Stole Your Love (Kiss)
14. Fates Prophecy - Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)
15. Stormhammer - The Law (Judas Priest)
16. New Eden - Phantom Of The Opera (Iron Maiden)
17. Steel Prophet - Gangland (Iron Maiden)
18. Children Of Bodom - Lookin' Out My Back Door (Creedence)
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