Dicro - Dicro, Continental 1980 MP3/Flac

Dicro - Dicro, Continental 1980

One fine day in Rio de Janeiro, I took a taxi from the old Centre
back to Jacarepagua, where I was staying.
When the cabdriver saw my just bought LP's , he got interested,
We spoke the whole way about samba and he asked me if I knew 'Dicro'.
I didn't but next record shop I got , What did I find ?
This LP.

1 Praia de Ramos
2 A recepcao
3 Bom de briga
4 Vamos versar
5 Cachorro quente
6 Ecologia
7 D?? bom dia
8 O linguiceiro
9 Copo limpo
10 O homem fiel
11 Topless
12 ?‰ castigo
13 S?­tio do Joao

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