Totally Wired Vol. 1 - Vol. 8 MP3/Flac

Totally Wired Vol. 1 - Vol. 8

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Acid Jazz


1.: Love Me To Death - Man Called Adam
2.: Dance Wicked - New Jersey Kings
3.: Odd One (Part 1) - What's What
4.: Bolivia - Sandberg, Ulf Quartet
5.: Olumo Rock - Leo, Bukky Quintet
6.: Frederic Lies Still - Galliano
7.: Latin Jam - Haryon
8.: Lock Out - Hip Joints
9.: Playing For Real - Jazz Renegades
10.: Batu Casu - Bangs A Bongo
11.: Freedom Principle - Leo, Bukky & Galliano
12.: Sweet Cakes (Added to the re-issued CD) - New Jersey Kings

Vol. 2

Humble Souls, The* Beads Things And Flowers 5:04
–Coolbeats Trinkets And Trash 7:04
–A Man Called Adam A.P.B 3:42
–Break For Jazz* Break 4 Jazz 6:06
–Steve White And Gary Wallis* Nzuri Beat 3:23
–Ed Jones Quartet, The Homegrown 6:51
–Ulf Sandberg Quartet, The Tilldess 7:54
–Brand New Heavies, The Gimme One Of Those 3:18
–Night Trains, The* The Killer 4:23
–New Jersey Kings, The* Monkey Drop 3:45

Vol. 3

A1 Brand New Heavies- Dream Come True
A2 Maroon Town - Pound To The Dollar
A3 Children Of The Ghetto - The Real Thing
A4 Hip Joints- Rock Hopper
B1 Quiet Boys - Let The Good Times Roll (The Dope Mix)
B2 Jazz Renegades- Manteka
B3 Norman Connors - Mother Of The Future
B4 Clique- Wormin

Vol. 4

A1 D-Influence- The Wah Classic
A2 New Jersey Queens- Party Don't Worry About It (Vocal Mix)
A3 Brand New Heavies- A Day At The Seaside
A4 Homeboy - Control Yourself Cousin
A5 New Jersey Kings - All Wrapped Up
B1 Milton Wright - Keep It Up
B2 Nu Krew- Break For What
B3 Beaujolais Band- Ain't No Sunshine
B4 Terry Callier If I Could Make You (Change Your Mind)

Vol. 5
A1 Jae Mason - Let It Out
A2 Willie & The Mighty Magnificents - The Funky Eight Corners
A3 Outlaw Posse - Original Dope (Richie Rich Instrumental)
A4 Pressure Point - Dreaming
A5 Explosions- Shuffle Bump
B1 Nathan Davis - Tragic Magic
B2 Greg Franks - Understand
B3 Apostles- Mercy Mercy Me
B4 Stone Cold Boners- Too Damn Hard

Vol. 6

–Aaron Neville Hercules
–Stone Cold Boners, The Lesson One
–Gloria Taylor Grounded
–Mother Earth The Fifth Quadrant
–Rimshots, The Neighbour! Get Your Own
–Vibraphonic I See You
–Mac Pac, The Just Dream
–Dread Flimstone Got To Be Funky
–Two Darn Hot Retro-Active

Vol. 7

01. Mother Earth - Theme From Riot On 103rd Street
02. The Subterraneans Feat. Mardou Fox & Jonzi - Taurus Woman
03. The Grand Oral Disceminator That s How It Is
04. The Untouchable Machine Shop - Machine Shop (pt.1)
05. Alice Clark - Don't You Care
06. Sunship - Sunship
07. The Quiet Boys Feat. Kaz - Sim Ting
08. Vibraphonic - Believe In Me
09. Mark Dimmond - A Change Had Better Come

Vol. 8

A1 K-Collective Keep It Coming
A2 Janette Sewell Peace And Love
A3 Izit Blow White And The Seven Chords
A4 Southshore Commission* Free Man
B1 B#E*Someone Be Someone (Edit)
B2 Serene Waves
B3 Ashley & Jackson Solid Gold (Acid Jazz Mix)
B4 Olli Ahvenlahti Grandma's Rocking Chair
B5 Humble Souls Quiet Dawn

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