MONGO SANTAMARIA: 1977 - Dawn (Amanecer) MP3/Flac

MONGO SANTAMARIA: 1977 - Dawn (Amanecer)

Mongo Santamaria_Congas
Mike diMartino_Trumpet
Al Williams, Roger Rosenberg_Sax & flutes
Bill O'connell_keys
Lee Smith_Bass
Steve Berrios_Drums, Timballes, Guiro & Perc.
Greg Jarman "Peachy"_Bongo, Bell & Chekere
John Blair_Vitar on 1,3 & 6
Julito Collazo_Bata drum, Cowbel, Bass drum & Guiro
Joe Gallardo_El. Piano on 6
Ruben Blades & Adalberto santiago_Vocals on 6

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