Freestyle Vol.6 FREESTYLE/DISCOFOX(1998) MP3/Flac

Freestyle Vol.6 FREESTYLE/DISCOFOX(1998)

Track List:
01-Timmy T. - What Will I Do
02-Lil Suzy - You Are The Only One
03-Gazebo - I Like Chopin Remix`98
04-Collage - Tell Me Boy,Tell Me Girl
05-Freestyle Project - Music For My Soul
06-Intonation Feat. Joee - Nothing To You
07-Chicco - The Great Commandment
08-Elissa - Show Me How You Love Me
09-Willie Valentin - Can't Take It Anymore
10-Freak Style - Check Your Body
11-Wendy - I Know
12-Pandera - We've Got The Power
13-Poze - It's Not Over
14-Bodybase - True Love
15-Lorenzo D`Lan - If You Were Mine
16-Naif - Cover Girl
17-Johnny O. - Freestyle
18-Stevie B. - Mega Mix ( Short Groove Edit)

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