Goldie Ens - Plastic world (1986) MP3/Flac

Goldie Ens - Plastic world (1986)

Label: Supraphon
Format: LP vinyl
Country: Czechoslovakia
Release: 1986
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco, synth-pop
File: mp3 224kb/s 74mb rar

01. You are lost in your greed
02. Touch me, like you always touched me
03. Rain in your brain
04. Feelin' good
05. A-ooh a-ooh (Action satisfaction)
06. Hotel California
07. Too much
08. Street of desire
09. (Stormy thoughts) I was used to you
10. Her make-up (On top)
11. Now it's over
12. Searching for heaven
13. Plastic world

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