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Millencolin - Kingwood

The original lineup, consisting of Sarcevic (vocals & bass), Ohlsson (guitar), and Färm (drums), released their first demo tape, Goofy, in early 1993.[6] Soon afterwards, Larzon joined the band to play drums, allowing Färm to perform as the second guitarist.[6] In the summer of 1993, they recorded a second demo tape, Melack.[6] The band sent the tape to Burning Heart Records,[6] a new record label formed earlier that year.[7] They signed Millencolin to do a CD single, which culminated in the release of Use Your Nose in November 1993.[6] Success of the single prompted Burning Heart to sign the band to release a full album. In July 1994, the band released Skauch,[8] initially planned to be a single for their new album. However, the band decided to record four cover songs as well and released it as an EP instead.[9] They put out their first major release, ???Tiny Tunes???, in 1994. The recording and mixing of the album took two weeks. Legal trouble with Warner Brothers over the title and cover artwork of the album led the band to re-release it in 1996 under the name ???Same Old Tunes???.

Millencolin continued to tour and in 1995 brought out their second full length album ???Life on a Plate???. This coincided with Millencolin beginning to tour outside of Scandinavia. At the end of 1995, the US record company Epitaph wanted to release ???Life on a Plate??? in the US, and the band agreed. They then toured further afield, touring Japan, Australia, Brazil and Canada, and played as part of the 1997 Warped Tour.

Further albums ???For Monkeys??? and compilation ???The Melancholy Collection??? followed, but the band??™s popularity really increased in 2000 with the release of the Brett Gurewitz produced ???Pennybridge Pioneers???, an album with more of a rock influence than the band??™s previous Skate punk sound. The recording took six weeks and they started their first major worldwide tour; ???Pennybridge Pioneers Worldwide Tour???. They also allowed the song ???No Cigar??? to be featured on the Tony Hawk??™s Pro Skater 2 video game. Millencolin played in Wellington, New Zealand, followed by an Australian tour. This led to an early release of the album in Australia and New Zealand. Millencolin wrote on tour and brought out ???Home From Home??? in 2002. The hit ???Kemp??? brought success. While it was not as well received as the previous effort, songs like ???Happiness for Dogs??? and ???Afghan??? showed a stronger and rockier sound which would greatly influence their next album ???Kingwood???.

???Kingwood???, released in March 2005, marked the band??™s return to a faster and more traditional punk rock sound, collaborating it with their recently founded rock sound, and completed a world tour in follow up of the album. The album debuted at #2 in the Swedish chart.

These Swedes know how to do punk rock!
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01 Farewell My Hell
02 Birdie
03 Cash or Clash
04 Shut You Out
05 Biftek Supernova
06 My Name is Golden
07 Ray
08 Novo
09 Simple Twist of Hate
10 Stalemate
11 Mooseman??™s Jukebox
12 Hard Time