Common-Be-2005-RNS MP3/Flac


ARTIST: Common
LABEL: G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen
GENRE: Hip-Hop
BITRATE: 177kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 42min total
RELEASE DATE: 24 May 2005
RIP DATE: 07 May 2005

Track List
01. Be 2:24
02. The Corner (Feat. The Last 3:45
Poets & Kanye West)
03. Go (Feat. John Mayer & Kanye 3:44
04. Faithful (Feat. John Legend & 3:33
05. Testify 2:36
06. Love Is 4:10
07. Chi City 3:27
08. The Food (Feat. Kanye West) 3:36
09. Real People 2:48
10. They Say (Feat. John Legend & 3:57
Kanye West)
11. It's Your World (Feat. Bilal & 8:33

Release Notes:
Here's the retail (mastered!) copy of the new Common album.

With fellow Chi-Towner Kanye West behind the boards, Common
returns with his sixth and perhaps best effort to date, Be.
Like a train ride through the æhood, the concise, 11-track
opus steamrolls through the images, stories, and emotions of
urban folks getting by any way they know how. Overflowing
with passion, honesty, and optimism, Be gets to the root of
human experience-all the while staying beautifully soulful
and funky.

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