VANESSA - Be My Lady (20 Most Wanted Hits) MP3/Flac

01 Be My Lady (Extended Mix)
02 Crazy For You (Extended Mix)
03 Just A Game (Extended Mix)
04 Breaking My Heart (Extended Mix)
05 Eternity (Extended Mix)
06 Why Did You Say Sorry (Extended Mix)
07 Hey Hey (Radio Edit)
08 Bye Bye Japan (Radio Edit)
09 Time (Radio Edit)
10 Why Don't You Give Me Love (Extended Mix)
11 Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
12 Diamond Eyes (Extended Mix)
13 Bye Bye (Radio Edit)
14 Hey Hey (Extended Mix)
15 Special Desire (Extended Mix)
16 High High (Extended Mix)
17 Eternity (Another Version)
18 Dancing In The Dark (Extended Mix)
19 If One More Day (Radio Edit)
20 Take It Easy (Radio Edit)
(Incluye Tapa y Contratapa)

Download: Parte , 2 y 3
Password: vanessabest (Gracias DJ SCIOLI por tu COLABORACION) +10