Babla & His Orchestra - Babla's Disco Sensation MP3/Flac


Throughout the late 70's and early 80's Indian artist Babla and his Orchestra created a musical revolution throughout India, and then the western world. Covering famous Bollywood movie title tracks of the time and giving them the 'new disco touch' Babla created the 'Disco Dandia' movement which saw him tour the world and become a household name in India. Pressings of this album have become incredibly rare over the years as they were never seriously collected or preserved in India... you can rarely find this album for under 150. Babla's famously diverse musical arrangements, heavy sitar funk and moog bleeps have won him a whole host of fans from breaks collectors to modern disco beardo's.

While there is an undoubted kitsch element to this, it should not be dismissed as camp fodder. There is a beauty and invention at work here that sounds years ahead of its time. Those who enjoy the more exotic elements of Beyond The Wizards Sleeve or Time & Space Machine will find much to enjoy.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.