Exclusive Frenchbloke Mix Available at Acid Ted! MP3/Flac


Ctel over at Acid Ted has got an available from Mash Up Maestro, Frenchbloke.

"Frenchbloke decided it was going to be a proper pop mix. It is an astonishing mix of tracks. Not just the tracks themselves but the way that they have been chopped up and reassembled in Frenchbloke's inimitable style. You really won't find it anywhere else. And if you want to know how Frenchbloke made it you must look
here. The mind of a bastard pop genius exposed and his grumbles about RATM's drummer."

The mix was created for Acid Ted to raise money for research on brain tumours in children. Brain tumours are the commonest solid tumours in children in the UK and USA. More children now die from a brain tumour than any other childhood cancer.

Please visit Acid Ted for more information and support a truly worthy cause.