The Communards - Disenchanted Remix 12" MP3/Flac


The Communards were the duo comprising ex-Bronski Beat singer Jimi Somerville and keyboard player Richard Coles. Before the chart shagging monstrosity that was their cover of "Don't Leave Me This Way", there were a couple of properly inventive and clever singles from the pair.

This extended Mike Thorne remix of second single, "Disenchanted" is a terrific reminder of how good they were capable of being. The 7" version (not included here) is great, but this version really ups the ante. When the "Disenchanted, angry young man" refrain is introduced at 4.55, it's still goosebumps time here at Micron Towers. Possibly even better, however, is the instrumental version on the flip, which will be preferred by those who have a major problem with the flutin' pipes of Mr Somerville.

And dig that Soviet inspired artwork. Remember circa '85/'86 when this shit was everywhere? I had the coolest CCCP T-Shirt which I bought from Follets on the Charing Cross Road. "That might be alright in London, but you'll get punched if you wear that round 'ere" was my brother's sage observation on the matter.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.