The Orb - Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions MP3/Flac


I've had several requests to repost this excellent album.

"Finally, in April 1991, The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld was released in England to considerable critical acclaim. Its popularity extended to the general public as well, pushing the double-album into Great Britain's Top 30 LP charts.

"By mid-1991, the Orb had signed a deal to release Ultraworld in the States, but were forced to edit the album down to one disc. (The full double-disc version was later released in the U.S. by Island.) Paterson and Thrash toured Europe during 1991, and compiled the Orb's first two Peel Sessions in November 1991. One month later, the duo released The Aubrey Mixes as a Christmas special. The album, a remix compilation with reworkings by Steve Hillage, Youth, and Jimi Cauty, was deleted on the day of its release, but still managed to place in the U.K. Top 50."

Some of these tracks were included on the three disc expanded edition of "Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" which was released last year. This original CD remains the only place where you can get them all, however.

320 Kbps.