Universal Panzies - Transcendental Floss MP3/Flac


This great Krautrock inspired space rocker was an early release on Julian Cope's Head Heritage label and it has remained largely unavailable since it's initial pressing quickly sold out in 1999.

The best place to go for a review is Cope's own exhaustive piece about the album, which is available from his Head Heritage website in the "Unsung" section. The record was Cope's 100th Album Of The Month Selection celebrating 10 years since it's issue. Go .

My personal opinion on this is that like much of the output on Head Heritage (including Cope's own recent work), it's lumpy and inconsistent, however, when it takes off, it really fucking flies. And despite the negatives, there is so much to enjoy contained herein. You'll probably dig it.

I missed out on this first time around and have been searching for a copy for years. Well, a rare copy turned up on eBay recently for a fiver, which I was lucky enough to score. And of course, here it is for you to check out, via the miracle of the interwebs.

320 Kbps.


P.S. I recommend going to Cope's Head Heritage Merchandiser where he has started making available some downloads of long out of print Head Heritage albums. There is also a previously unavailable recording of the first and only Queen Elizabeth live show recorded at his Cornucopia festival in May 2000 in London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. I was there but was so twatted by this stage in proceedings that I had no proper recollection what the show was like. Well, I'm happy to report it's brilliant - better than either of the QE albums. Go and buy one here.