Apparat Organ Quartet - Romantika MP3/Flac


Apparat Organ Quartet were (are?) an Icelandic 5 piece (4 organists and 1 drummer). They have been compared to such different acts as Kraftwerk, Goblin, Terry Reilly, Steve Reich, Sigur Rs, the Glitter Band and Stereolab. This brilliant single was released on Stereolab's Duophonic label in 2003 and is taken from the band's debut and only album to date.

"The many strange and beautiful sounds heard on the album come from AOQ’s vast collection of antique synthesizers, Farfisas, Hammonds, home-organs, cheap portable keyboards and all sorts of malfunctioning machinery. AOQ use old discarded technology, home organs and cheap consumer cast-offs often salvaged from garbage dumps and then customized by the band for the rigors of live use."

You will like this. You will hear the Terry Riley, Stereolab and prog rock influences, but by the time the robot vocals kick in, what it really sounds like is an amped up Kraftwerk, but like Ralf und Florian were bang into dirty, greasy motorbikes instead of girly push-irons.

320 Kbps.