Northern Soul Fever (volume 4) MP3/Flac

Northern Soul Fever (volume 4)
Track List


01-The Ellingtons_ (I'm not) Destined to become a loser.mp3
02-The Greater Experience_ Don't forget to remember.mp3
03-Bobby Jean Bland_ I'm satisfied just loving you.mp3
04-The Heartbreakers_ I've got to face it.mp3
05-Bernie Moore_ I wanna be loved to death.mp3
06-James Bounty_ Auction on love.mp3
07-Rufus Wood_ Before 2001.mp3
08-Cheryl Williams_ Everybody's happy but me.mp3
09-Bee Bee Stans_ Front page love.mp3
10-Roy Brown_ Good sweet loving.mp3
11-Wiily McDougal_ Don't turn away.mp3
12-Innovations_ Stay on the case.mp3
13-Invictus_ New babe (since I found you9.mp3
14-5 of a Kind_ The other side.mp3
15-The Superiors_ Darling I love you.mp3
16-Roy Roberts_ I know what to do to satisfy you.mp3
17-Gene Woodbury_ That's half not bad.mp3
18-Ricardo King_ On a hot summer day in the big city.mp3
19-Ronnie McNeir_ Sitting in my class (instr.).mp3
20-Mike and Ray_ If you only knew.mp3
21-The Four Puzzles_ Especially for you baby.mp3
22-Tony Birchett_ Don't put out the fire.mp3
23-Eddie Wood_ Why did you call.mp3
24-Joe Moore_ Nobody loves me.mp3
25-Bobbie Brown_ I gotta have you.mp3
26-The Flairs_ You got to steal it.mp3
27-Billy Prophet_ Puppet on a string.mp3
28-Bobby Garrett_ I can't get away (instr.).mp3
29-El Anthony_ We've been in love too long.mp3
30-Victor Knight_ Chinatown.mp3


01-Detroit Land Apples _ I need help.mp3
02-Winfield parker _ I Love You Just The Same.mp3
03-Tina Florence _ Too much for me baby.mp3
04-L Allen _ Can we talk it over.mp3
05-Tootsie Rollers _ Give me love.mp3
06-Ronnie Forte _ Nervous breakdown.mp3
07-Two Plus Two _ Love will conquer all.mp3
08-Tobbie Bowe _ I can feel him slipping away.mp3
09-Marva Holiday _ It's written all over my face.mp3
10-Pat Powdrill & the Powerdrills _ Together forever.mp3
11-Fabulous Downbeats _ Life goes on.mp3
12-Body Motions _ False alarm.mp3
13-The General Assembly _ Sensitive mind.mp3
14-Lee Sain _ I can't fight it.mp3
15-The First Grade _ Please come back.mp3
16-The Tripps _ Give it back.mp3
17-The Daniels _ (I lost love in the) Big city.mp3
18-The Sheppards _ How do you like it.mp3
19-Vince Apollo _ I can't turn my back.mp3
20-Gerry & Paul & the Soul Emmissaries _ Little bit of soul.mp3
21-Jeanie King _ You've got a good thing going.mp3
22-The Spoilers _ Something about you.mp3
23-The Spydels _ Peace of mind.mp3
24-The Friendly People _ I ain't got nothing but the blues (instr.).mp3
25-Shirley Vaughn _ Watch out Mr Lonely.mp3
26-Viola Wills_ _ The first time.mp3
27-Sugar 'n' Spice_ _ Lucky we.mp3
28-Sugar & Sweet _ My lover.mp3
29-The Performers_ _ Set me free.mp3
30-Sonny Anderson & Prince Conley _ Love and laughter.mp3
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